Unique selling point

Our charging structure places us firmly at the forefront of Independent Advisers, giving you complete piece of mind, because if you are not making money we are not making money. It’s a no brainer. Put simply, we have exactly the same goals as you – to make you money.


Furthermore, our monthly review process means that if there are negative changes to your investments, we would be amongst the first to act upon them; not leaving it weeks or months to react to market conditions. If your money is falling in value you want to know that somebody is working on your behalf, acting quickly to remedy the problems as they arise.


We are not restricted in our advice in anyway, Being independent means we have thousands and thousands of solutions to choose from.


Also we genuinely care about all our members, everybody at Thornton & Baines works here because we enjoy helping it’s in our nature. We don’t like the “them and us” approach, which is partly why we have members and not clients. We make it our duty to ensure that we are all benefiting from this relationship. Working with like-minded people makes the whole experience one to enjoy, with the comfort in knowing that there is another way to obtain advice – the Thornton & Baines’ way!