The Costs

Most firms charge you a percentage of your portfolio or a flat fee for the work they do. The problems with these charges are:

- If they don’t make you any money, you still have to pay their charges. It gets worse…
- If they lose you money, you still have to pay their charges on top of your losses!



This seems a bit unfair, so we only charge a fee from any profit you make. If you don’t make money, we don’t make money, simple as that!

This is not the only charging option we have, but most of our members prefer this way. We can tailor the costing to you depending on your needs and the level of service you want.



Here are a few of our fixed costs:

Consultation with Estate Planning Practitioner (up to 2 Hours) Free
Single Will: £195.00
Premier Will: £450.00
Pair of Mirror Wills: £325.00
Enduring Power of Attorney (single): £450.00
Enduring Power of Attorney (pair): £800.00
Codicil: £35.00
Living Will: £150.00