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‘‘They do not sell you products that may not be good for you they give you the best option for your circumstances. I think it is an excellent service. Everyone is very easy to talk to and they make a big difference to your life by dealing with your affairs. Also the valuations are incredibly helpful as I usually have to do this myself once a month from my other providers and they are not independent and try to sell me something. It is also a different face every time I visit and this is not the case at Thornton & Baines.’’

Dr. Gajjar

‘‘I like it at Thornton & Baines as you do not charge me any ridiculous charges like other companies would do. Also I am very happy calling Thornton & Baines because I always get an answer straight away, there are no automated services, I can always speak to a friendly person and I always get an answer to my question.’’

Mr Crichlow

‘‘You are the best company I have been with by far. Your service is excellent and I have recommended you to my friends, and will continue recommending you to everyone I know. It makes me happy to call Thornton & Baines. You are all good boys and girls who work hard and are lovely to talk to – I like the fact that I recognise your voice when I speak to you.’’

Mr and Mrs Kaidoo