Financial services

From your initial consultation there will always be a team of professional people available to offer advice whenever you may need it. We are committed to our members which is why our advice spreads over three meetings.


The consultation is where we will seek to gain as much insight as possible into your needs, followed by the presentation stage where we will offer our advice leading to the contract meeting where together we can put our plans into place for your future.


We will assess your needs and put your funds to work in the most advantageous way, ensuring that you make the most of your hard-earned money. We look at every aspect of your finances and offer you various services of Wealth Management, Tax Advice, etc. We aim to build a strong and sustainable relationship with our members and look at your specific requirements in detail on an ongoing basis.


Unlike many financial advisers we offer all of our members three review meetings a year so that we can keep on top of your finances. We also include monthly valuations, which means that all of our members have an up-to-date view of their finances. Being totally independent here at Thornton & Baines means that if you are not happy with any options that we first present to you, we are able to fine-tune them at any time.